'Knowing' is a portion of the scuffle.

I want to stress that all the art on this website and for this project is FAN art and meant to be an homage to a toyline that was an incredible part of my childhood. Hasbro owns the copyright on these characters and their design.


June 13th, 2017


I’m excited to announce this wacky CONTEST I dreamt up! In the past few weeks I ended up planning out every single figure that will be featured on all the forthcoming card packs! Part of the way I choose the figure was to try and get a good range of COLOURS across the entire collection of card pack wrappers.

YOUR challenge? To see if you can guess which figures I ended up choosing!

THE PRIZE: a full FLAGG Magnet Set (8 vehicle magnets + USS FLAGG poster - $25 value)

WHY am I doing this? Well. Two main reasons: 1) for FUN! You guys are so supportive of this project I always try to give back in different ways, and this seemed like an interesting way! and 2) to lead in to an exciting new product launch (stay tuned for that).

You can submit your guesses on the CONTESTS page!

Good luck!

May 23rd, 2017


You may remember my previous gift box design - The AMMO CRATE BOX, well I am following that up with this next limited edition gift box: The Sarcophagus. You can get The Sarcophagus Box ON IT'S OWN, or LOADED UPwith all seven current packs of cards.


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